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Occupational Hazards for Young Workers

We have all been a young worker at some stage and its all so very exciting for us at the time.

Occupational Hazards for Young Workers

While many young workers do not realise it, they are a valuable asset to the world economy.

They are an asset to every business. As they can bring fresh ideas and also fresh eyes, along with different skillsets and help towards innovation and possible sustainability ideas for each business.

However, it is not all good news as the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) say 40% of young persons are more likely to suffer work related injury rather than their peers.

This 40% is far too higher figure and we have to see how we can reduce this figure drastically. A large proportion of this figure is due to agency and temporary contracts being given to younger workers.

So, what is a Young Worker? It is anyone aged under 18 (in the UK).

15% of the workforce are in this category

Firstly, we need to consider a young worker is still developing physically, mentally and emotionally.

They can be particular vulnerable as they face unfamiliar risks in the workplace and in new surroundings and may have not fully reached their full physical capability at this stage of their lives. They may also need to develop some skills in relation to risk.

The informality and instability of a workplace or area may also have a huge impact of their workday can also increase their vulnerability, thus leading to accidents.

Employers need to ensure they manage the specific health and safety risks posed to all young workers and that they promote risk education, training and supervision at all times.

Regular check ins with the young workers will make all the difference to the employee and the business too. Having a key person dedicated to the young person will also have a huge impact on their development so they know where to go if they have any questions or maybe unsure about anything.