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Toolbox Talks

Course duration: 1 hour

Toolbox Talks

5 Star Google Review

“Chesnut Associates have beeen carrying out regular Toolbox Talks for a number of years.  For us it’s a great way to get together and learn. It also creates a fantastic safety environment and culture for us all. Jo creates a fun and structured session each time and it is documented and goes into our training file after each session.”

Martin Hunt, MJH Sanding Ltd

Who is this course aimed at

All levels of staff and sub-contractors in order to increase their industry knowledge.


Further details (including typical course agenda)

Toolbox Talks are quick and easy trainings to enhance company safety requirements. These talks cover a wide range of topics ranging from workplace electrical safety, chemicals, clothing to lifting basics.

Toolbox Talks also help create an environment to discuss task specific or timely safety communications, identify problems or highlight specific safety concerns/risks.

Toolbox Talks are a great safety training tool that can be an ideal way to provide timely safety reminders to your employees, improve safety awareness and contribute to an improved safety culture.

Chestnut Associates can provide you with sets of Toolbox Talks so you can deliver to your staff. We can also deliver them to your employees and sub-contractors for you.


Qualification level

Certificate of Attendance.



From £50.00 per person.

To show you what Toolbox Talks can do for your business contact Chestnut Associates on 07770 302504 or Email joanne@chestnutassociates.co.uk to find out more.