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Health & Safety Shop

We know that sometimes you just need a quick solution and so we have created a range of options to help and assist you. All of which can be purchased quickly and easily from us at any time.

Downloadable Policies

Sometimes you may get asked for a certain policy(ies) so I have made life so easy for you. Each policy can be instantly downloaded and  comes with  instructions so you can make it specific to your business.

Downloadable Toolbox Talks

These are training sheets for you to complete with your staff, each comes with a sign off sheet on completion. There are 23 available giving you easy access to nearly two years’ worth of training.

Notice Board Updates

Are you always struggling to update your noticeboard with good relevant information?
Wish it could just be ‘done’ for you? Well your wish has come true, I have put together the perfect simple solution for you. Each month all you have to do is download 4 A4 size documents, print off and pop onto your noticeboard. Easy!!
Every month there is a different set of relevant information to share and educate your team members.
Simply subscribe below – new information is Emailed on the 25th of each month.

Online Staff Training

A popular option is a monthly Zoom session for staff. Once a month before work an online training session which can include Toolbox Talks with completion certificates as well at content tailored to your needs. £100 / session – simply contact me below to arrange a convenient day/time for you.