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Annual Tasks for Health & Safety

I quite often get asked about the things that need doing on an annual basis so here is my top 10 for you to work through:

Annual Tasks for Health and Safety
  1. Review all policies, look for name changes, new procedures, old regulation’s, company updated information. All policies should be reviewed annually and the date also needs to show you have reviewed. If you have amended anything, again this needs to be documented.
  2. Risk Assessments needs to be reviewed on a regular basis and also when any changes occur. So, this needs to be at least annually. Again, document any changes with a date. Look at the current procedures – have these changed? Has any new PPE been introduced? Is there any advanced training required.
  3. Training – has any training been carried out in the last 12 months? Have any staff left? Have any staff joined you and need to be added to the matrix? Do staff need to go on any refresher training this year?
  4. First Aid boxes – do they need replacing?
  5. Fire Extinguisher’s – do they need any maintenance?
  6. PAT Testing – do your electrical items need testing?
  7. Does any plant need any maintenance carrying out?
  8. Do you have up to date Safe Systems of Work for all your tasks?
  9. When was the last time you walked around your work areas and ensured all signage is in place and relevant.
  10. Do you have a COSHH risk assessment for every chemical, dust, vapour or gas?