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Hygiene Target

Especially during the winter months there can be a high concern for flu infection rates and illness.

Hygiene Target

Some companies I work with do not allow their staff to come to work with a cold, this is to protect the other staff and the business.

This heightened with the public awareness of the recent pandemic requires the implementation of some simple approaches to hygiene to prevent the spread of infections in the workplace.

This flu season is the perfect opportunity to underline the role of each staff member to ensure hygiene and reducing risk everywhere within the workplace by including everyone as we all have a part to play to reduce the flu and infection rates.

Did you know a person with flu can spread it to someone who is 6 feet away!!

Cold symptoms appear slowly and usually affect the nose and throat where as flu symptoms appear very quickly and affect more of the body.

It is always best to clean down all work areas on a daily basis with an anti bacterial spray/wipe.

There are 8 key moments where the risk infection transmission is highest and can be identified as:

  • Entry and exit of a work place
  • Toilets
  • Touching common areas such as workstations, phones or computers
  • Preparing food
  • Before eating food with fingers
  • After coughing and sneezing
  • Moving around the work areas
  • Handling rubbish

Some simple solutions can be:

  • Making sure you have hot running water for hand washing along with soap/sanitiser.
  • Anti bac stations
  • Educating staff with their absence days
  • Cleaning routines
  • Having posters on noticeboards with information
  • Having sufficient tissues for staff use