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Why should you use us as your Health & Safety Advisors?

There are so many reasons why you should use Chestnut Associates and I have listed my top 10!

  1. I don’t work 9-5!! I work when my clients need me the most and I have so many leisure industry clients that work evenings and weekends and I want to be available if/when they need me.
  2. I have a fantastic website and this is where my clients can find all the information on what we offer plus if you need any further questions there is a contact form for clients to complete and I will reply to them with your questions answered.
  3. I have an active facebook and twitter feed and I share and update clients with all the necessary information and some funny pictures too.
  4. There is a members area for all of my retainer clients with many documents that they can download and use.
  5. I keep up-to date with all the relevant information by attending regular training and I attend 50+ on CPD (continuous personal development).
  6. I work with 28 different industry sectors so have a wide range of skills to support my clients.
  7. I will go wherever it is easier for my clients so an office or on site/shop/warehouse just to make life easier for my clients.
  8. I am able to carry out training online as sometimes it is difficult to get all staff in 1 place at the same time.
  9. All of my training is backed up by an attendance sheet, notes and if applicable certificates.
  10. I am available for my clients 7 days per week from 7am until 10pm and will support them during every issues that they may have. My clients wont get put through to anyone else, my clients will always have me as their contact.

Why use us??

Please do call us on 07770 302504 to arrange an appointment to discuss your Health and Safety Requirements