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Changing with the recent times

It is great to see my clients and staff adapting to the recent changes over the last few weeks.

At first it was panic, then it was worry and now it would seem its been adjusting to new routines and ways of doing the same work but with a tweak or 2.

For me at Chestnut Associates it has been a great pleasure in working with my clients at every stage and thinking outside the box with them all.

For me personally I am delighted to have been a part of the management teams in putting new systems and procedures into place with them and the results we have been seeing are just amazing and most of my clients have had an increase in work/production by adapting to new ideas.

Most people don’t like change – but sometimes change is good it seems to create new ideas and possibilities moving forward.

I am speaking to my clients most days to see how the changes are being received by staff and their clients and adding a few changes if needed. One of the most important parts of my role is to keep talking (I’m good at that!!) and listening to my clients and coming up with plans and ideas to make their systems work to the best they can.

We start with a big piece of blank paper and then write all the current issues and then the steps to eliminate these issues, we then have a plan and the relevant steps to document. Over the last few weeks we have had these sessions weekly as we are following the everchanging Government guidelines and implementing our Health and Safety measures into these documents.

I am always happy to support any business with policies and structure so if you know anybody that needs any help please forward my details.
Thanks, Joanne Hunt