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When is the best time to get my Health & Safety in order?

Best time to get my Health & Safety in orderThis is a question I get asked many times and my answer is always:
The best time to work with me is when you start your business.

However I understand that this is not always possible. So most of my clients start to work with me as and when they have issues such as an accident or the HSE has visited. So I work with clients as and when they require any H&S support.

There are many reasons to work with me such as:

  1. I will keep you compliant.
  2. You receive regular emails and newsletters of any HSE regulation changes.
  3. I am available 24/7 for any calls and emails during your time of need.
  4. We build a positive Health & Safety culture with all of your staff this then creates a positive working environment that will increase productivity and reduce accidents and illness. Your staff will love to know that you really care and that you are looking after their wellbeing.
  5. Your clients will be happier that you are taking compliance advice.
  6. Working with me will allow you to concentrate on what you are good at allow me to do all the stressful paperwork and policies.
  7. I make Health & Safety fun and so easy to understand you and your staff will look forward to out sessions together.
  8. I am always happy to support any clients that need any Health & Safety whenever they need me and at whatever stage their business is at.

I hope this helps you and your business – so please get in touch and let’s work through your requirements together.

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