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The A – Z of Health & Safety

The A – Z of Health and SafetyA – Accidents

having the correct Health & Safety systems will reduce accidents and illnesses and make your workplace safer.

B – Builders, Bank and Barbers

I can support all of these businesses plus many other businesses.

C – Chestnut Associates

the superhero’s of the Health & Safety World!!

D – Display Screen Equipment

you must carry out assessments of your work areas.

E – Equipment Checks

must be carried out on a regular basis and documented.

F – Fire Marshal Training

must be carried out at your workplace on a regular basis.

G – Gloves and goggles

may need to be worn to protect yourself.

H – Have fun

whilst working on your Health & Safety.

I – Instructions

for all work procedures must be documented.

J – Joanne Hunt

will work through all your issues and produce the necessary documents for your business.

K – Know your emergency procedures

and test them out regularly.

L – Lone working

must have a risk assessment as it is a high risk activity.

M – Maintenance Schedules

of all equipment must be in force and carried out on a regular basis and documented.

N – Never carry out

any high risk activities without a risk assessment.

O – On the job training

is very important and needs to be recorded.

P – Prosecutions

can happen unless you have the correct Health & Safety documentation in place.

Q – Question

anything you do not understand.

R – Review all policies

at least on a annual basis.

S – Safety

is my mission.

T – Tool box talks

must be carried out on a regular basis and documented.

U – Update

all documents on an annual basis (at least)

V – VDU assessments

must be carried out on a regular basis.

W – Working at Height

must have risk assessments and all staff must be aware of them and understand.

X – Xtra mile

we always go the extra mile with all clients Health & Safety keeping them.

Y – Yellow warning signs

should be on site in case of any incidents.

Z – ZZzzzzz

Health & Safety is NEVER boring when you work with Joanne at Chestnut Associates – it is always FUN!!