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Why it is important to work with a Competent Health & Safety Advisor

Joanne Hunt

There are many reasons why my clients work with me, they include:

  • I give them complete peace of mind that their workplaces and employees are safe.
  • I save them time and save them money by implementing the correct policies and documents and also carry out the training for these policies and systems so that all staff at every level have total understanding.
  • We work together so that the next time they are asked the same question they have the skills and the documents to carry out themselves (if required). I am also happy to do this for my clients.
  • I have no emotional attachment to them so its easier for me to see from the outside what the issues are and get them resolved quickly.
  • I have the experience and competency to carry out all of their H&S needs.
  • I am very proactive so with all my clients we have a 3,6,9 and 12 month plan and we work through this together.
  • I offer all types of H&S from training, consultancy, site visits, advice and accreditations.

From running Chestnut Associates for 31 years I understand how important it is to be there as and when my clients need me. There have been many emergencies when I have had to go to sites very late at night and early in the morning to deal with an accident. For me this is all part of being a part of their team to act when needed. I have worked many weekends and late nights preparing documents ready for clients to use the following day etc.

I also believe having a “can do attitude” is so important – some of my clients have worked with other consultants previously and they comment that sometimes they felt certain items were a problem and not carried out as requested because they had read something and it had to be done a certain way – whereas I work the H&S regulations around my clients business to make sure they are compliant and the systems work for the business and staff – then everyone is safe and happy!!

If you need any Health & Safety support whether it is weekly, monthly, annually or as required please contact us today and we can arrange a call to discuss your requirements. joanne@chestnutassociates.co.uk