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Long COVID Information

I have been hearing these words Long COVID for a few months now and it is getting discussed more often by some of my clients.

Long Covid

The amount of cases are on the rise in the UK.

There has been many pieces of information published and ACAS have recently published guidance for employers and workers in response to the growing impact of long COVID in the workplace. There is some great information for both employers and employees. It highlights the effects which long COVID can have on workers, such as fatigue, memory loss and difficulties with concentration, all of which can have a detrimental effect on their ability to carry out their roles effectively. Employers therefore need to plan how they will manage long-term absences and the impact of long COVID.

Some of the information that this guidance states is:

How can employers manage the risk of long COVID?

The ACAS guidance acknowledges that the effects of long COVID can “come and go”. Practically, this will make it harder for employers to manage in the workplace. However, they need to approach it in the same manner as other long term or intermittent health problems. Engage with employees early on regarding their symptoms and hold regular interviews. Use occupational health to assist with getting employees back to work, managing the condition in the workplace and making any reasonable adjustments.

Whether an adjustment is “reasonable” will depend on the individual circumstances, including the size and resources of your organisation these may include flexible working hours, temporary change of duties, or allowing workers to work from home.

The Office for National Statistics has estimated that around 1 in 10 of those who suffered with COVID-19 have symptoms that last 12 weeks or longer. Given the spread of COVID-19, employers are likely to be continuing to experience the impact of the disease in their workforces for some time yet.

We are advised to continue with the saying hands, face, space!!
Regular cleaning and testing is also advised.

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