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Top 10 Xmas Safety Tips

Just some helpful tips for this time of the year and usually things I have had to deal with through clients and their families.

  1. If you are lighting candles then make sure they are away from any wreaths, trees and garlands.
  2. When you put up your Xmas lights inside or outside make sure you have someone to help you. Use the appropriate ladder for the use.
  3. Keep dangerous/poisonous plants and chocolates away from animals.
  4. Keep your tree away from fires, radiators and other heat sources.
  5. Turn your Xmas lights off when you are out or go to bed.
  6. Make sure your tree has a stable base and can not tip over.
  7. If your Xmas lights are flickering or making a strange noise, have any split wires do not use them – buy a new set.
  8. Choose a tree that is labelled flame resistant or if you have a real tree make sure you water it regularly.
  9. Make sure you reheat your food to 75 degrees and check it is hot in the middle – to prevent food poisoning.
  10. Do not drink and drive.

Christmas safety tipsIn the work environment you will need to have all electrical equipment PAT tested.

All equipment should have a maintenance sheet.

Ensure your fire risk assessment covers the Xmas decorations.

All work should be covered by a risk assessment and a possible method statement.

I would recommend using contractors to carry out any Xmas décor work as they are trained and competent to do the work.

Catering areas will follow the food hygiene regulations and use probes to document the heat of the food.