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Health and Safety to consider for your Christmas Closure

Here are a few suggestions to consider before you finish for Christmas – Happy and Safe Holidays!!

Health and Safety to consider for your Christmas Closure Check all alarms, CCTV and security systems are working correctly – including your back-ups.

  • Clean out all food areas such as fridges and cupboards.
  • Empty all bins in all areas of the workplace.
  • Maybe get some timers for lights.
  • Check all appliances that rely on batteries.
  • Water all plants.
  • Organise for a deep clean in all areas including sanitising areas this year.
  • Check fire doors are not blocked.
  • Test fire alarms and any other fire systems.
  • Ensure all back ups are carried out.
  • Have you locked away all confidential files and paperwork.
  • Have you shredded and arranged for delivery of sensitive documentation.
  • Are staff aware of holiday dates and additional duties they may have to carry out?
  • Have you added your business hours to your website and social media?
  • Do you have an emergency number that needs to be displayed anywhere?
  • Have your emails got “out of office” reply set up and does your answering machine have the correct message?
  • Lock all windows and doors.
  • Do you need to organise cleaners or keys to anyone else for maintenance etc?
  • Have you made arrangements for any deliveries?

And lastly have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!