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The importance of Induction

I quite often get asked this question:

‘Why do I need to carry out an induction with staff?’

Emergency evacuation sign

The main reason for this is to protect your staff and your business. So, in an emergency situation, your team know exactly what to do, when and how.

It can also protect you with any team issues in the future.

Some of the items that can be covered in this session are:

  • Location of First Aid Kits
  • Location of Fire Extinguishers
  • Where the toilets are
  • Where the emergency taps/stopcocks/switches etc are
  • Emergency phone numbers
  • Where any catering areas are and the process for using them
  • Any security protocols
  • The location of your Health and Safety documents
  • Location and contents of your policies and procedures

Each business will have their own procedures and should be updated as necessary.