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Taking that break from your desk

I am constantly having conversations about stress and overwhelm from clients and employees.

Keeping a healthy desk

It seems to be getting to a very concerning level with this at this present time.

When this happens, I sit down with the member of staff and talk through a normal day for them.

For most of the cases I am working with it is the lack of breaks and a proper lunch break, so we talk about this in greater detail.

Some of the reasons are:

Too much work to get through in a day.

Nothing for lunch, so may as well work.

Don’t like to chat to other employees as they talk about each other and don’t want to get involved.

So a total mixture of answers to be honest.

The first one – too much work to get through in a day – the solution to this is talking to the manager and talking through acceptable workloads.

The second one – having no lunch – this is wrong in many ways but so easy to fix. Be more prepared at home. By having a good healthy lunch, you are fuelling your body with what it needs and this can affect your whole day, evening and even your life.

The third one –  this is a bad company culture and one that can be dealt with. Maybe some lunchtime fun, quizzes, team building events.

One of the most important reasons to get away from your desk for a break is to relax, clear your head/mind and honestly you will come back so refreshed.

The best thing for me to do is go for a walk with my dog, this totally clears my mind and I come back to my desk fully refreshed and rearing to go. I do this a few times during the day as I work for many different clients all with their different work areas and its really good for me to then move onto a new client and their specific work tasks.