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Some common accidents

I work with a number of clients and one of my questions I have to ask them is about their accident statistics.

Accidents at work

This is an important question as it tells me a great deal about their safety culture and where I can make some cost effective and safety changes.

I also like to ask them about their near misses. Some people decide to ignore these and feel it is a waste of time – as it didn’t happen. For me this is good information as I can then work on ensuring the near miss do not happen and turn into an accident or ill health in the future.

There are a number of different types of accidents as you can imagine.
The most common ones are:

Slip, trips and falls

Cuts from tools

Burns from hot equipment

Some of the most common illnesses are:


Mental Health

Workstation issues

I work with my clients to try and reduce accidents and illness to try to ensure the staff go home safely and without any issues.

Regular staff meetings, safety teams, team building opportunities, management door open policy, policies and procedures all help to ensure staff are aware of where to look for information and hopefully keep them free from illness and accidents.