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Recent updates from Chestnut Associates

I am very excited to share some of the recent updates that have been happening here!!

I am always talking about communication- as I feel this is a subject that is so very important but overlooked on a regular basis.

A great way to do this is by updating your staff noticeboard information on a regular basis.

SO - I have the perfect answer for you.

You can download 4 A4 colourful leaflets each month from my shop on the website. These sheets are topical and change each month. So, your staff will enjoy reading these. All you have to do is click on the button and complete a monthly payment and you’re all good to go.

As mentioned above your staff will find these sheets very easy to follow and interesting.

  • As an employer you are sharing topical resources to help and support your staff. It is a great opportunity to start staff meetings and encourage some feedback
  • Great communication idea
  • Great idea for psychological safety to allow staff to feedback and/or ask any questions
  • Staff training – as they will learn different topics.

I have had clients struggling for noticeboard content – so I have listened and put together a great option for you.