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A recent trip to Vietnam and Cambodia

I have recently travelled to Vietnam and Cambodia and I just couldn’t help look around and spot any potential H&S issues.

Firstly I wanted to say what amazing countries they were with the most beautiful people. I was very fortunate to be able to go with a guide who showed me the many sites in both countries.

I took this opportunity to take some pictures then posted some reminders on my social media channels.

These posts were acting as a reminder to do/check certain high risk activities as well as seeing how far we have come in the UK with our health and safety.

I have shared some of these pictures in this blog also.

Unfortunately I still have to support clients that have accidents in their businesses and it’s an awful experience having the deal with injured staff members, police and the dreaded HSE.

If the HSE gets involved – which they normally do in serious accidents their hourly rate is £166.00 per hour which very quickly mounts up to being a very large amount. I currently have a new client that came to me due to an accident involving 2 staff members being injured and his account is over £15k from the HSE investigation at the moment.

Seeing how these countries allow their staff to work in these conditions is very scary and also so very sad, I am so grateful that we have much safer systems in the UK.

Walking down a street and seeing a young boy using a grinder, cutting some metal. The boy was around 10 and had already lost 2 fingers on his right hand was just awful.

The many scaffold and working at height issues I saw was also alarming. One of the worst ones was at the Royal Palace as they are carrying out many renovations to buildings and there were 5 people all working around 100 meters high. No edge protection, scaffold was incomplete and no harnesses being worn.

How I would love to spend some time here educating them on how to do things safer, it would be an amazing opportunity for me.

Thank goodness for the UK and the HSE providing us with the regulations and guidance to help keep us all safe.