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Workplace Noise

Noise induced hearing loss can be avoided by wearing the correct hearing protection. The right protection for the task in hand has to be worn correctly to offer maximum protection.

Ear protection in the workplace

Our hearing is one of our most vital senses. That is why it is so important to protect it. There were an estimated 11,000 cases of hearing problems caused or made worse by work in 2021/22.

Damage to our hearing due to industrial noise can contribute to hearing loss now or in the future. Hearing damage can easily be prevented by following the hierarchy of control which can also include the use of personal protective equipment.

Hearing protection is available in different types such as ear defenders/muffs or ear plugs. Earmuffs include headband version that can be worn over the head. They can also be added to other face protection.

Most safety helmets have a function that can be adapted to wear ear protection.

When selected as a control measure hearing protection performance is critical to help ensure individual protection. Testing is required to ensure the correct equipment is fit for purpose to support hearing and protect the ears. Recognised fit testing methods must be carried out.

You should always ensure that the equipment is CE or UKCA marked. Sometimes when you mix manufacturers equipment together they don’t always work correctly together. So, if you want to wear a particular earmuff with a particular helmet, make sure they have been certified together. Remember your ears may be covered but are you protected?