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Using a small independent advisor rather than a big corporate company

I was asked this question recently – why should I use a small independent Health & Safety Advisor rather than a big well known corporate company?

 I thought this was a good question!!
My reply was as follows:independent-health-and-safety-consultant

  1. I can ensure your documents and training are bespoke to your business. So this will be 100% relevant to your staff and business. This usually means your staff stay interested and will cooperate much easier.
  2. All visits and audits are followed up within 24 hours with an action plan, timescales and costs.
  3. You just deal with me!! So no need to pass your call from 1 department to another and explaining your issue many times.
  4. There are no contracts. If you are not happy with anything that I do you can simply go and work with any other company (I must add nobody has ever done that). However as I write this I currently have 8 companies working their notice period to leave and to then be supported by me moving forward. One lady is paying over £2500.00 for 1 upcoming audit and to complete her contractual obligations and as you can imagine is extremely unhappy. I will not work with anybody that is in a contract with any other H&S companies as it can be seen as a conflict of interest.
  5. I will only ever work with 50 clients at any time and this is so I am able to provide a quick and efficient service to all of my clients.
  6. I do not have work or regional areas – I cover the whole of the UK and have many clients throughout the UK.
  7. I do not only work with certain industries – I can work with any industry and currently have over 35 different sectors in my portfolio.
  8. I do not work Monday – Friday 9-5pm. Many of my clients are leisure and hospitality so they are open 7 days per week and late evenings.
  9. I keep my clients accountable and what I mean by that is I don’t just send them a report visit after visit – I contact them on a regular basis to ensure that they are implementing what they need to do and work with them to get them compliant and work through their actions.
  10. Everything I do is bespoke and 100% relevant and required by my clients business. So there is no wasted documents or time going through unnecessary forms.

If you would like any further information on working with me at Chestnut Associates whether it is a 1 off contract or possibly thinking about retainer packages please contact me anytime on joanne@chestnutassociates.co.uk