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Home office signals prospect of unlimited fines for breaches of fire safety regulations.

Building owners could face unlimited fines for breaches of regulations following new measures that are being brought in to strengthen fire safety, the Home Office has announced.


As part of the Government’s focused work designed to ensure that people are safe these limitless fines.

The new measures announced by the Government will:

  • Improve the quality of fire risk assessments and the competence of those who complete them
  • Ensure that vital fire safety information is preserved over the lifespan of all regulated buildings
  • Improve co-operation and co-ordination among those people responsible for fire safety and make it easier to identify precisely who they are
  • Strengthen enforcement action, with anyone impersonating or obstructing a fire inspector facing unlimited fines
  • Strengthen guidance issued under the Fire Safety Order such that any failure to follow it may be considered in court proceedings as evidence of a breach
  • Improve the engagement between Building Control and Fire & Rescue Authorities in reviewing plans for building work

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