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Top Tips for COVID

In this ever changing current climate with the COVID 19 here are my top tips:

  1. Top tips for CovidDocument your procedures.
  2. Decide on your policy for masks. Some workplaces such as beauty and hair salons are still recommending the use of masks.
  3. Socially distance in your business meetings. You may need some floor signs or desk signage.
  4. Clean all work areas with anti-bacterial spray on a regular basis and document this information.
  5. Have some anti-bac gel or spray to use before, during and after all meetings.
  6. Wash your hands with warm water and soap. Dry with disposable towels.
  7. Do a deep clean to all work areas on a weekly basis including door handles, computers, phones, keys and anything you or your clients have touched during the week. This needs to be documented.
  8. Let all your clients and visitors know your COVID procedures.
  9. Have all the upto date information on the symptoms and what to do if you or you suspect any work colleagues have COVID19.
  10. Review your procedures on a regular basis and keep updated with Government updates or contact me for any further updates.