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Top reasons to outsource your Health & Safety

Many companies are already outsourcing their Health & Safety support. If this is something that you are considering in 2022 please read below some of the benefits that Chestnut Associates can help you with.

Here are some of the main benefits:

Cost Reduction

Outsource your Health & SafetyIf you have an internal member of staff carrying out this work your resource increases your operating costs. Do you have cover for sickness or holidays? To fully comply with the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 you need to have a dedicated resource, train them etc. It’s far more cost-effective to outsource. No matter what kind of economic climate you are working in, keeping a close eye on overheads and costs is critical.

Greater Flexibility

Should there be a problem is your member of staff able to deal with the issue? do they have the knowledge and resources to deal with it?  As a consultancy we can deal with the problem quickly and professionally. We will give you regular updates as required and put into place the required documents and policies. Properly managing and delivering workplace Health & Safety takes time, people and resources. So why not have complete peace of mind by outsourcing your Health & Safety needs, rather than add it on to someone’s already busy role?

Increased Efficiencies

To operate in a compliant way and in line with legislation, there is so much to consider, COVID has shown some of us we needed to update policies on a weekly basis. From company policies, audits and procedures, there is a lot involved in Health and Safety compliance – or it can feel like it when you do it all yourself. Chestnut Associates can review your business and create and modify policies and documents as required, giving you the time to focus on the important issues – like doing what you do best – running your business!!

Reducing the Risks

Who wants to do business or work within a dangerous company? By working with Chestnut Associates you will have a greater understanding on the real Health & Safety issues. This will help you plan and reduce the risk of non-compliance. Non-compliance means larger fines, as well as damage to your reputation and business. Can you afford this?

Outsourcing health and safety means that you reduce the risk of legal and financial implications of not operating within health and safety law. The HSE charge £154 per hour for workplace visits and finding a breach. So this can get very expensive very quickly.

Chestnut Associates can see the bigger picture

Often Directors are too close to the business to see potential issues and risks. By being independent we can take a step back and look at the bigger picture, offer ideas, practical solutions and most importantly put a workable plan into place with timeframes.

Business and Reputation

Investing in your company’s Health & Safety culture sends a positive message to both the staff and your clients. It clearly demonstrates how you value your businesses reputation, your businesses integrity and how much you value a safer and healthier place to work. It shows you have value, worth and integrity, three factors that set you apart from any other businesses. When it comes to staff and their confidence in the company, understanding that their health and well-being is a priority is really important to them especially after the last 18 months of COVID.

Expert support and how we can help you

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