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Reasons why I do what I do

I often get asked why I do what I do and I always say it’s because I love what I do.

And I really mean that!!

Chestnut associates - Joanne HuntFirstly, I listen to what I am being told, what is the issue? How can I help?

There is then a discussion in which my client and myself talk through the issues and I offer possible solutions to support them and get them to where they need to be.

I make this easy and straightforward and also fun – I know you maybe thinking Health and Safety and fun just don’t go together.

I have to make this solution work for my client and it needs to be easy to do or it will not happen.

With me there are no big long words or jargon – just simple steps to solving the issues/concerns and ensuring compliancy.

After working for over 35 years in this industry of Health and Safety, I have had amazing opportunities to work and support hundreds of clients so have a wealth of experience and knowledge and love to share all of my learnings with clients which supports them tackling their issues.

Recently taking on the management of Environmental and Sustainability sectors for clients of which is huge in the current world climate.

I love working with my clients in their many different industries including logistics, manufacturing, construction, restaurants, schools, nationwide locksmiths, solicitors, wellness, HR, leisure, offices, IT, estate and letting agents, security services, beauty salon’s, farms, motor trade, sports centres, trades, architects and archaeologist’s to name a few and I learn so much from them.

The feedback that I get is:

It’s easy
It’s simple to carry out the tasks
We understand what we are doing and are aware of the next steps
Jo is only a phone call/email away
It just makes sense!!
The support we receive is the best
Jo just makes it so easy and fun!!

I like to build strong relationships with my clients as I feel this is the most important thing along with regular communication, and this seems to work perfectly.

For me getting this feedback is amazing but really it’s knowing I am keeping everyone safe and compliant in a simple, no fuss way.