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Let’s get ready for more hybrid working in 2022

There is going to be more working from home in 2022 as so many workplaces have relocated, sold and have found for their business it is easier for them and the staff to work from home.

Working from homeBut EVERY business is different!!

You have to take into account how your staff feel too. I have been working within many businesses over the last 18 months and some staff do not have any contact with anyone so going into work really helps their mental health. While other go out networking and have physical meetings so don’t mind a mixture of the 2!!

How do you create the right environment?

Firstly, employers should understand that it’s no longer one size fits all.

 Remote working has its benefits of face-to-face interaction with colleagues and teams. That’s very important. But there is going to be lots of times now when people are working from home on a more regular basis. You need to ensure that your employee is happy to do this, ensure that they are happily working with that.

Obviously they’re going to miss out on social, meeting up with people, so you may need to take that into account so regular check in must be made and documented.

Equipment and training

Make sure they have had the adequate training for working from home. Make sure they have the ideal setup with a computer and their chair. Your duty of care as an employer is to ensure that your employees have all the correct tools and equipment to work safely and efficiently, wherever they are working. Equally, you need to ensure that all your managers know how to manage their teams. Working remotely should have the same training and development as people working on site/offices.

Wellbeing of staff

Whilst hybrid working can have its advantages by fostering a healthy work/life balance, it is important for employers to maintain regular contact with their staff. Asking for volunteer employees and managers to become mental health First aid trained is a great idea.

  • Offer additional training options and courses.
  • Possible have online zoom socials with a quiz.
  • Share important health updates such as new apps for exercise or meditation or walking/running etc.
  • Staff benefits such as private health or gym memberships.
  • Regularly talk to your staff. Make sure that they are happy. Check in.
  • Risk assessments need to be completed/updated for working from home.
  • If anything changes, make sure that your risk assessment is updated as necessary.

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