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We need to reduce knife cut injuries at Work.

A recent survey looked at the impact of using knives in the workplace. The obvious impact is the human and financial cost of knife injuries, but there are hidden costs such as damaged goods.

Knife injuries can cost employers £440 for each day lost at work, and that is before any financial claims. Figures from Germany estimate that 58% of all workplace injuries involving manual tools are knives and while the use of gloves can help to reduce these, but they only cover 5% of the body.

Knife injuries happen all the time, many tend to be fairly minor – sometimes needing just a plaster or possibly a few stitches in hospital, but when there is a serious one its bad news for the employee who can be off work for a long time, and it can then be a RIDDOR accident for the company.

It is therefore very important to get your risk assessments correct looking at safety gloves but also safety knives!!

This is often not included and can make all the difference.

Quality safety knives can boost productivity as they are optimised for the actual cutting needs, are comfortable in the hand and by having the right tool for the work can reduce product damage and injury.

There is often resistance to reporting accidents because employees are concerned about their job or an element of pride can kick in. Sometimes agency or part-time staff are not trained and so can be swept under the carpet.

A knife risk assessment can help with behaviour change and also help to stop or reduce the incident.

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Knife Risk Assessments