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Information on Eating Disorders

I have recently had the opportunity to work within businesses that have been struggling with eating disorders.

An eating disorder is a medical diagnosis based on your eating patterns. It involves medical tests on your weight, blood, and body mass index (BMI). An eating problem means any relationship with food that you may find difficult. Not every eating problem will be diagnosed as a disorder.

Furthermore, types of eating disorders include Anorexia, Bulimia and Binge Eating.

Anorexia Diagnosis:

Anorexia is often connected to low self-esteem, negative self-image and feelings of intense distress. If you get an anorexia diagnosis (known as anorexia nervosa), you’re not eating enough food. This means you’re not getting the energy you need to stay healthy. As well as some people think anorexia is about slimming and dieting, but it’s much more complex.

Bulimia Diagnosis:

Bingeing is eating large amounts of food in one go. Someone might do this when you’re struggling with feelings or problems in your life. If you get a bulimia diagnosis (known as bulimia nervosa), you may experience a cycle of what’s called bingeing and purging.  As well as Purging is acting to get rid of the food you have eaten after bingeing. You might feel guilty or ashamed of what you’ve eaten.

Binge Eating Disorder:

With binge eating disorder, you might rely on food to make you feel better. If you get a diagnosis for binge eating disorder, you might feel unable to stop eating, even if you want to.  Binge eating is sometimes described as ‘compulsive eating’, especially when one is feeling especially down or has a lot of problems going on.

How to help someone
  • Getting professional help from a doctor, practice nurse, or a school or college nurse will give your friend or relative the best chance of getting better
  • Keep trying to include them
  • Give your time to them
  • Try to build their self esteem.

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