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Helping Hands – What COVID has taught us

How the world has changed in the last 12 months.

Importance of keeping our hands clean and sanitised Little did we think then that the phase PPE would be quite so popular. Then become out of stock and double in price!!

But today, understanding the importance of preventing cross contamination – in almost every work and social setting – has never been higher. The global understanding of the role that hands have the ability to spread the virus – and just as importantly in helping prevent the spread of the virus is highly recognised and understood.

The importance of keeping our hands clean and sanitised has now become part of our everyday professional and social lives. As a result of the impact COVID has had 83% say they always wash their hand after coughing and sneezing. Some 78% more people are now washing their hands more compared to 12 months ago, whilst half of those are also now using antibacterial hand gel more now than they did before the outbreak.

This research confirms that there is a significance increased understanding of hand washing hygiene and the role it has to play in preventing viral and bacterial transfer. This has also extended to the increased use of single use gloves across a wide range of industry sectors. With this growing acceptance comes an opportunity to revisit in house strategies and opportunities to reinforce the significance of hand hygiene by workers, visitors and customers alike.

Supporting this change in attitude requires:

  • Access to well supplied washroom hygiene facilities
  • Access to effective hand sanitisers
  • Supplying moisture creams
  • Clear cleaning protocols
  • Documenting a cleaning routine
  • Staff training

Since the outbreak the demand for disposable gloves has accelerated significantly with some countries reporting upto 500% additional demand.

For anyone with responsibility for sourcing hand protection, ensure that any products sourced meet the necessary standards.

When it comes to hand hygiene and hand protection, it has created both opportunities and challenges for employers for maintaining workplace health. What is essential is to ensure that where hand hygiene and hand protection is concerned, solutions are supplied that meet the needs and safety standards required.


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