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I need to get my Health & Safety in order but it is expensive, isn’t it?

And that’s where you are wrong!! Health & Safety is a necessity for your business and having this in place will be a very good investment.

  • You may find your insurance premiums are much lower.
  • You staff will be safer – so less accidents and time off sick through accidents
  • Your staff will be happier to come to work as they will have less illnesses as they know you are looking after their wellbeing both physically and mentally.
  • You equipment and tools will last longer as they will be maintained with a maintenance schedule in place.
  • The productivity will increase as the workplace will be tidier and more organised so staff can find things quicker and easier and not waste time looking for everything.
  • Your staff will be happier in their job roles as they would have been trained so they understand what they are doing and why.
  • It is a legal duty to ensure your staff are adequately trained. If this does not happen they you may be liable for fines or imprisonment and your staff maybe ill or have life threatening injuries.
  • You will build up a great company reputation and will have endless people wanting to work with you.
  • You may receive business awards so increase your company presence in your business field.

There is a saying I heard may years ago whist I was training:

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As you can see it is so cost effective to have all of your Health & Safety in place – call me to discuss how we can work together 07770 302054