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Personal Health and Safety

At Chestnut Associates we care passionately about Health and Safety – but not just compliance with legislation – we genuinely care about our clients as individuals and their health is important to us too

During these times with COVID-19 it is so very important to ensure that you keep your immune system balanced and high as much as possible. It is going back to what we already know about eating healthy, drinking water, taking exercise, getting outside with nature, eating a colourful plate of vegetables, lots of fruit and also getting some vitamin D onto your skin (not too much).

There are also so many Essential Oils that can help support your immune system in a very natural way too. We have the Protective Blend (On Guard), Melaleuca, Oregano plus so many more. This blog has much more information that you may find interesting and helpful https://www.oilsbyjo.co.uk/news/article/understanding-the-immune-system.html

I am always happy to have a call with you to talk through any of your concerns – please call me anytime and we can put a plan into place to support you and your family. 

Essential Oils