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COVID Preparations

Just into October 2022 and I am being asked by my clients for some support with COVID preparations.

The last 3 weeks of September saw a rise in COVID cases in the UK. I was aware of a few events that were cancelled due to lack of staffing due to COVID.

Covid preparartionsMy suggestions are 1st not to panic!!

  • Just re-visit your original documentation and see what is relevant to today
  • Every business does need to protect their staff for what is usually one of the busiest times of the year
  • Maybe use a mask when in busy places and on the tube etc
  • Have anti-bac in your car, handbag and workplace
  • Encourage all staff and visitors to wash their hands and use anti-bac
  • Use your cleaning schedule to ensure all work areas are cleaned with anti-bac and hot water
  • Do you have soap and paper towels in the toilet washing areas?
  • Print off some handwashing posters from the Gov website and have them on a noticeboard and toilet areas
  • Send around a reminder email to all staff to take a few precautions (as above)
  • Have some masks for vulnerable staff/visitors
  • Take tests if you feel unwell and stay at home and report to the people you have been in contact with.

We really need to be sensible to try and stop this from destroying lives, people’s social plan, business, jobs and Xmas!!

If you need a COVID review or wish to discuss this further please contact me today on 07770 302504 or email joanne@chestnutassociates.co.uk