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Events at Christmas

This is a question I get asked a number of times:

“I am having an event – do I need to implement anything additional for this?”

And the answer is always YES!!


Christmas Event health and safety planningI would suggest putting a risk assessment together that covers all the possible things that could go wrong.

Sorry I know this is really negative, but you need to think of it in this way…

Taking into account things such as:
  • Electrical cables – you can get rubber covers for them
  • Weather – what if it rains, snows or thunder/lightening
  • The effects of too much alcohol from clients
  • Fire hazards – are the fire escapes blocked, do you have sufficient extinguishers, are you covering any heaters etc.
  • Is there an emergency plan in place to cover security issues, suspicious package found, fight or fire etc.
  • If you are having external people to carry out some performances – do they have any additional requests such as power or changing facilities. What equipment do they bring – does this cause a hazard for you and your business? Could they provide you with a risk assessment. Is their electrical equipment PAT tested? Do they have adequate insurance cover? You may need to check that you have too!!
  • Communication and training for your staff – you will need to ensure your staff are fully aware of the events that are happening. They may need to come into work to set up earlier or stay later until everyone leaves.
  • Do you have sufficient number of First Aiders and Fire Marshalls?

There is a great deal to consider getting this right.

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