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Manual Handling Updates

The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) are having a huge clampdown when they visit construction sites this year.

My recommendation would be to ensure you have manual handling risk assessments for all of your manual handling tasks.

Manual handling

Manual handling injuries are increasing in the workplace so it is very important that you do everything you can to decrease these statistics. Some injuries can heal quickly but other serious back injuries can be life changing and once you have injured your back you can never go back.

There are also many tools to help support bodies such as support bandages, creams etc. Also remember that the use of trolleys, trucks and using more people can also help to reduce injuries.

There are many tools provided by the HSE that can help you achieve this. Many of the construction sites that I support are having to carry out more assessments.

Here is some information that can help you.

Manual Handling Assessment Chart (MAC) Tool

The document has been created by the HSE as a very simple method of assessing the risks associated to manual handling activities and putting in place suitable control measures. The guidance within the document is clear and it has diagrams to easily identify which category the specific manual handling tasks falls in to. This particular document covers lifting, moving and carrying loads.

Note: The HSE will not accept a basic overarching manual handling risk assessment. www.hse.gov.uk/msd/mac/

Risk Assessment of Pushing and Pulling (RAPP) Tool

This is another simple document created by the HSE to assess the risks associated to pulling or pushing materials and put in place suitable control measures. There are diagrams in this document too which make completing the assessment easy whilst ensuring it can be communicated effectively to those carrying out the activity.

Note: The HSE will not accept a basic overarching manual handling risk assessment. www.hse.gov.uk/pubns/indg478.htm

Full Manual Handling Checklist

This document should be used for more complex manual handling operations that cannot be covered by the tools detailed above. There are helpful examples of completed assessments within the document that can be used as a point of reference.

SGI Manual Handling (useful product information)

The sharing good ideas document is a useful reminder of equipment that can be used to aid in the movement of materials around site and reduce the overall risk of injury from carrying out manual handling activities.

Manual handling L23

This document provides simple guidance on how to meet the requirements of the manual handling operations regulations.

Finally, please be aware that although the HSE’s main focus during site inspections will be on manual handling, they will also be focusing on all other aspects of workplace health and safety including the management of dust etc.