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Accreditation Update

pass accreditation

A big part of my working day is supporting clients with their accreditations.

I simply love doing this as it allows me to see what documentation is in place and then arrange sessions with the staff to implement any missing documentation.

Each year there are additional policies and documents that are required to gain the accreditation.

Last year there were policies regarding wellness, stress and fatigue required. Also required were additional environmental and sustainability documents.

This year the new sections are based on fire and the building structure.

Not every section will apply to each business and there are areas that you can explain this to the assessor.

It’s also a great learning experience for me to ensure that I am updating my skills and to ensure that I roll this information out to the clients that require this.

When the accreditation process is over and the business has achieved the certification they are allowed to use the company logo on vans and documents it allows possible clients to see which businesses have achieved the required standard and will have confidence that they are a safe and compliant company.

Quite a few of my clients gain a huge amount of external work by having the accreditation’s in place as they are put on an open database.

This is an annual accreditation and is so easy to navigate around by simply logging into your portal and uploading the required documentation.